Dog Muzzles: What You Should Know about When, Why, and How to Use One

Muzzles on dogs can be a controversial topic, and they have gained an unfair association with aggressive dogs. In actuality, dog muzzles can be incredibly beneficial to all sorts of dogs and humans for a variety of reasons. However, muzzles should never be used to attempt to curb problem behavior or to punish your pup.

Frightened or injured dogs are more likely to bite under stress, so muzzles are a handy thing to have in the event of an emergency. Some dogs, especially those with a history of biting, may be trained to wear a muzzle in certain situations, such as when visiting the vet or encountering new dogs. Unfortunately due to breed-specific legislation, some dogs are required to be muzzled when in public in some spaces, even if they have shown no signs of needing one.

Modern muzzles are made to fit comfortably on dogs, and models come in different shapes and sizes, even accommodating short-faced breeds. Training your dog to accept a muzzle is an important step that should be handled with patience and consistency to set your dog up for success.

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